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    Zoom | 19.00-20.30 UK time (11.00 PT / 12.00 MT / 14.00 ET) | 27 April

    Yelala welcomes Rabbi Rav Kohenet Jill Hammer to speak about her new book, Undertorah (Ayin Press). Drawing on a deep knowledge of ancient Jewish dream practice, world wisdom traditions, and contemporary eco-theology, this hybrid work of mystical scholarship combines personal narrative, multi-voiced oral history, and a somatic alternative to more symbolic methods of dream interpretation. A practical and paradigm-shifting guidebook for individuals and communities, Undertorah offers a transformative approach to contemporary dreamwork, grounded in embodied experience and ancestral wisdom, that connects us to spirit and inspires us to heal our world.

    "Rabbi Jill Hammer has uncovered the soul of our dreaming, that numinous place of learning, experience, and divine wisdom that takes us far beyond the dry symbology of twentieth-century thinking. Undertorah is the tool kit for the new millennium, brought to us in ways that are articulate, grounded, magical and--crucially--accessible to everyone"

    Manda Scott, Sunday Times bestselling author of Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle and cofounder of the Accidental Gods podcast


    Zoom | 18.30-19.45 UK Time | Every Friday

    In this time of physical disconnect, let us choose connection... We may not be able to go out into the apple orchards to welcome the Shabbat like the sixteenth century Jewish mystics, but we can convene in this Online Orchard, to sing in the Day of Rest with chants, meditations, and wordless melodies.
    When you email us, please share a short personal memory of something calming, so we know you are a real human being.
    This event is offered free of charge. If you are feeling abundant, we would appreciate
    a donation towards our work.
    This event is open to all, regardless of whether or not you are able to donate.

  • Your own Yelala Event

    We often work in partnership with co-hosts. These events can be private for you and your friends / participants, or open to the public - it's up to you. We make some basic agreements, and then you can promote to your heart's content. If the event is open to the public, we will help you to promote the event, too.
    We have been guests at music festivals, faith communities, interfaith events, meditation groups, podcasts, Red Tent & Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) groups, retreats, & private homes. We are happy to participate in single or multi-gendered gatherings, and Jewish, multi-faith, or secular groups.
    In Devotional Circles we learn accessible chants & song based on ancient Hebrew liturgy, and enter soulful, song-filled meditation together. Occasionally we also run rituals online, from Tu b'Shevat seders to moments
    In Learning Circles we can explore a rich variety of sessions based on the creation and history of Jewish rooted ritual, feminine archetypes* and narratives in a Jewish context, and we can adapt our teachings to suit all levels of Jewish knowledge. We use song, study of sacred and anthropological texts, and invite embodied exploration, and personal reflection.
    *Archetypes are based on the Netivot wheel, created by the Kohenet Institute as a tool for finding feminine representation in Jewish text & history.


    Get in touch to host us. 

    If you think you'd like us to make a ritual for you, please click Ritual + Ceremony in the menu at the top of the page.

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