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  • What is Clown Spiel?

    One part online physical theatre workshop, one part talk: come for one or stay for both!

    On Purim the world is turned upside down. Wise folk become fools, and fools can be wise.
    On this day, Yelala will be diving deep into the world of the clown in jewish tradition, in the very fine company of queer jewish clown, Danielle Levsky.  In Clown Spiel, you’ll learn about the history and the role of the Clown in Jewish tradition in a two-part, interactive, and fun online course.

    Danielle Levsky

    Danielle (she/her) is a Post-Soviet, Jewish, and queer clown, writer, instructor, and producer who seeks to bring more discovery, wonder, joy, and truth into the world.

    She is a certified clown teacher (The Clown School) and has taught classes in San Diego, Chicago, and in the virtual world. Prior to gaining her certification, she trained with teachers from Cirque du Soleil, Theater Unspeakable, the Neo-Futurists, Viola Spolin’s improvisational technique, the Ringling Brothers, and Commedia dell'arte master Antonio Fava.

    Part 1: Clown Play
    Zoom | 10am PT / 13.00 ET / 18.00 UK / 19.00 CET (60mins)

    The first class will focus on physical theatre exercises and hands-on learning, rooted in Jewish storytelling and tradition. The first part of this class is limited to 20 people, so register quick!

    Come to the first part of the class, the online physical theatre workshop, if you enjoy…

    • Connecting to and revealing your inner child and emotions

    • Having fun with the world around you utilising just your imagination

    • Laughing with others as you create silly and impossible scenarios together

    Part 2: Clown Talk
    Zoom | 11.30am PT / 14.30 ET / 19.30 UK / 20.30 CET (60mins)

    The second class will focus on lecture, stories, and discussion, and will cover...

    • The role of the Clown within Jewish ritual and tradition

    • Stories of Clownlike figures in Jewish liturgy and folklore

    • The role of comedy and the Clown in Purim Spiels