• Yelala is an ancient Hebrew word meaning a loud expression of something that needs to be released, whether sorrow or joy.
    Yelala is a constellation of projects curated by Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid and Kohenet Yael Tischler, the first women outside of North America to be ordained by the
    Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute.

    This is Jewish-rooted, earth-centred sharing of empowering, embodied practice and marginalised wisdom from Biblical antiquity to the present day.

    In this time of uncertainty and struggle, we are dedicated to creating accessible, nourishing spiritual experiences, to help sustain all those seeking community. In order to create connection in a time of physical disconnect, we have moved our offerings online. This work supports our livelihood, but where possible we provide subsidised or no-charge options, so that we can welcome all who wish to be a part of our gatherings.

If you write to us, we will not share your name, email, or other personal details with any other mailings lists or organisations