• Sukkot 2022

    Dark green palm fronds with a dark background. The words say: "Ushpizata: Celebrate Sukkot, the autumnal Festival of Ingathering as we welcome special guests beneath the bows of our virtual sukkah. free places will be available for those in need"

    Ushpizata and Ushpizin are Aramaic terms referring to the special guests that we traditionally welcome into the Sukkah (temporary shelter) throughout the festival of Sukkot, both ancestral and living.
    At Yelala, we welcome you as our special guest, along with some very special guest facilitators bringing meditation, story, and reflection to our Chag HaAsif - our Festival of Ingathering - as the season turns .

    Meet Our Ushpizata...

    Debbie Danon

    Debbie is a certified Integral Coach and Inclusive Leadership Facilitator based in London, UK, helping leaders to harness their natural strengths, act with courage and accountability, and communicate wisely and powerfully. And everything she offers is filtered through the lens of equity and anti-oppression, aiming to create dignity, belonging, and inclusion for us all.
    More details about Debbie's session coming soon.

    Mika Hadar-Borthwick

    Mika comes from a line of Hasidic teachers and healers and has worked as both a teacher and healer for over 25 years. Her teaching is rooted in Jewish mysticism and eastern philosophy. Mika has trained in a variety of systems including Yoga, Jungian work, Alexander Technique, Qi Gung and Cranial Sacral Therapy. At the heart of Mika's work is an emphasis on mindfulness and a deep understanding of our body’s energy system.

    More details about Mika's session coming soon.

    Charlotte Pulver

    Charlotte is a modern day alchemist and lover of the waters; being born into the Pulver lineage of apothecarians. She has a background in natural healthcare, studying and practising various medical systems of healing for 20+ years. Her love is rooted in making medicines for people which she sells through ‘Pulver’s Apothecary’. It is during her time of studies she came across healing practises which involved water which sparked and renewed a long life journey in her work with water.

    She has been hosting water ceremonies and pilgrimages for many years for London’s communities and around the world. Currently writing a book on London’s springs and wells, and creating an online resource mapping the springs and wells of the UK and helped co-found ‘The Fellowship of the Spring’, a group championing water guardianship in the British Isles.
    Her passion is in community regeneration – inspiring people to seek out their local springs and wells, to restore and tend to them – remembering we are all guardians of our waterways.

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