• Amulets

    Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid and artist Rima Staines present a

    unique course, uncovering the lore and power of amulets, old and new.


    Combining Rima’s artistic practice with Yelala’s knowledge of Jewish folklore and anthropology, we welcome people of all cultures, and of all faiths and none to explore ancient knowledge and personal interpretation of amulet craft and meaning.


    Yelala renews and revives the marginalised wisdom and spiritual practices of Jewish women and femme folk from antiquity to the present day. All genders are welcome in our circle.


    Rima Staines is an artist making painted talismanic doorways which open upon those Old Realms we half remember traversing in childhood and in dreams. Her work is a kind of Iconography of the Otherworld: rooted in the black earth and green ink of Story and refracting a rusted-amber light from a different and wholly Other sun.


    Detailed Course Breakdown:

    Week 1: Kohenet Rachel will explore forms and uses of amulets and protective practices in Jewish and biblical sacred texts, anthropology, and folklore studies.


    Week 2: Rima will share stories about her journey into making amulets, and her ongoing relationship with them


    Week 3: As a group we will make small amulets based on Rachel's folk practices and Rima's amulet-making practice. A creative task will be set for the week to come - you can make it fill as much or as little time as you have available. You can approach the task from a spiritual, artistic, or intellectual perspective - whatever your reason for joining us!


    Week 4: We will hear from our circle about the impact of our creative task, discuss the power and purpose in our modern lives, as well as how to release what no longer serves us.


    Tutors: Kohenet Rachel and Rima Staines

    On Zoom: Sundays 4, 11, 18, 25 February

    12 PT / 15 ET / 20 GMT /21 CET (90mins)

    catch up recordings available for registered students

    £60 / £80 / £100 (sliding scale to fit your means)