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    As part of our three-and-a-half year ordination process with the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute, we learn how to skilfully develop and safely hold transformative, Jewish-rooted ritual and ceremony, responding to the needs of the specific people who call on us.
    This work is based on the practices of Jewish people over millennia to actively engage with the rich tapestry of cultural heritage, combining oral and written traditions to meet our needs when we step through a threshold, be witnessed as we call in new moments in life.

    As our communities become more literate, we sometimes turn only to prayer books, and leave behind these folk practices. But it is these oral traditions which often fill in gaps for those of us who struggle to find ourselves reflected in the books.


    If you would like to find our more about Kohenet Rachel's work as a wedding ceremony celebrant and ritualist (of all kinds of rituals!), please click here

    What Kind of Rituals?

    We have been commissioned to create a wide variety of ceremonies including:

    • Jewish and Interfaith wedding ceremonies
    • Grief circles for those seeking room to mourn without shame
    • Feminist & Queer-friendly B-Mitzvah training (including leyning tuition)
    • Blessing circles for parents-to-be
    • Mikveh (Ritual Immersion) for life transitions
    • Memorial services, coinciding with the Shloshim (30 days after a funeral)
    • Interfaith baby Namings
    • Shalom Bris (a ceremony in which parents commit to their child's Jewish life, but do not wish for a ceremony with circumcision)
    • Menopause marking
    • Shavuot First Fruit Parade at Sadeh Farm
    • Jewish Vegetarian Society Multi-Denominational Seder
    • Grassroots Jews Rosh Hashanah Experiential Services
    • Extinction Rebellion Jews Seder & Interfaith Rituals.

    All have been tailored to meet the Jewish and life cycle needs of the people involved, and to honour traditions of others involved when required.
    The video on the right is from our interfaith contribution to the 'Pausing' Ceremony at Hyde Park for Extinction Rebellion

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    We begin with a Ritual Intake, a session of 60-90 minutes in which we help you to identify what the purpose is for you. Even if the ritual is one that many people have undertaken before, your relationship with it is specific.
    Since it takes dedicated time, plus an additional hour to type up fully and send back to you with recommendations, we do charge something for this. After this point you might choose to use this document to create something by yourself, or else work with us to the completion of your ceremony!
    We can provide references upon request.

    Write to us with your enquiries!

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