• Welcome Friends!

    We are glad you've found us.We are Yelala, a constellation of projects founded and co-created by Kohenet Yael Tischler and Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid.
    We weave rituals, learning experiences, song circles and more. We help those who come into our circle connect with their women/femme/folk Jewish ancestors, as well as the Earth and the Divine Feminine in Jewish tradition.

    We welcome Jews and allies of all genders, sexualities and races, and all levels of religious knowledge.
    We are both ordained by the
    Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute, which renews and revives the practices of Jewish women and femme folk from Ancient Israel to the present day.

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    Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid

    Rachel's work as a writer, storyteller, ritualist, and Kohenet, is bound together by her love of shaking the dust from old narratives and lost histories, so that we can find new connection and understanding in the present. She is Spiritual Educator for Sadeh, England’s only Jewish environmental and farming community, and an award-winning artist who has worked with Billy Bragg, BBC Radio and the London Symphony Orchestra.

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    Kohenet Yael Tischler

    Yael is passionate about the making and breaking of stories for the sake of healing and liberation. She is a Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess), ritual-weaver, Jewish educator and song leader. She holds an MA in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa University, a BA in English Literature from Columbia University and a BA in Tanakh (Bible) from the Jewish Theological Seminary. She is a Rabbinical Student at Leo Baeck College.

  • Where We Are

    We are based in the United Kingdom and our primary focus is nurturing Earth-based, feminist, femme-honouring Jewish community where we are. However, the majority of our offerings are online, and so we welcome guests from other time zones.

    Who Is Welcome

    Whilst the focus of our work is on the experience of women and femme folk, the majority of our events are open to people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, abilities, ages, and life experiences. We are rooted in Jewish practice, and welcome Jews, Allies, and anyone curious about walking a Jewish path.

    Where We Are Now, and Where We Hope We’ll Be

    Many people discover Yelala via the internet, and assume we are a formal organisation or institution, so let us be clear!

    We are not a formal organisation, charity, company, nor an established institution.

    We are just two priestesses who love and care about nurturing this work.

    We hope that one day it will be our full-time work, but currently it is a work of heart that we do around our other work and commitments.

    We also don’t yet have any others on our team to support us. This means that we may sometimes be slow to reply, and/or have to set other boundaries around our capacities.

    As we grow and develop, we are looking forward to being able to weave more and more into the beautiful tapestry that is Yelala. Some things were working on now, but haven’t yet fully developed yet are:

    • A Code of Conduct and Complaints Procedure, including engaging a neutral mediator
    • An Accountability Policy
    • An Inclusivity Statement, as well as learning more about what we can to be more inclusive to people with disabilities, people of colour, queer people, and anyone else who might have a marginalised identity. We are doing this in consultation with an advisor who inhabits some of these intersections.

    In the meantime, if there are any issues that arise for you in Yelala space, please email us at hello@yelala.co.uk. We will do our best to help you within our current capacities. This may mean that things may be resolved more slowly, but we do feel a duty of care to all of our participants.