• Purim with Yelala

    Let’s tell the Purim story, but not the way you’ve heard it before.

    What would Queens Vashti and Esther have to say for themselves in their own words?
    How involved was Haman’s wife Zeresh in her husband’s nefarious plot?
    And what about all the eunuchs and servants hiding in plain sight, the unsung heroes of this chaotic tale?

    Join Kohenet Yael for some seriously-silly playful-but-deep creative activities that will help us turn this already topsy-turvy-tale on its head.

    This evening is part of our 4-week course, Drawing Up the Voices of the Past: The Healing Power of Midrash, in which we focus on making space for marginalised voices - ancestral, present day, and our own, and you can join us for this one event as a stand-alone session, to mark Purim with us.


    Sunday 24 March 2024, Zoom| 7pm GMT (90mins) |£12.00 - £20.00 | BOOK HERE