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    Join UK-based Kohanot at Yelala & US-based queer yeshiva, Shel Maala in an interactive exploration of a trans feminine fertility ritual in the Talmud


    Shel Maala, your online Queer Yeshiva, is getting ready to fly to England to teach in late July. And Yelala, your UK-based Kohanot, are preparing the way! As Shel Maala get ready to physically hop the pond, join us to herald their arrival, with a can’t-miss one-time shiur on Trancestors and Chalices: A Talmudic Trans Fertility Ritual for All Lovers of Beauty.


    The Talmud is a 2000-year old Jewish text filled with legal minutiae, mind-numbing logic puzzles, and hundreds of pages of complex tort law. But, dotted throughout this inky landscape are also brilliant gems of radical thought, exemplary humanity, and even divine femininity. In this class, we’ll be learning one of those gems.


    Taught by Rosh Yeshivas Binya and Xava, and hosted by Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid, we’ll take a two hour journey into Rabbi Yohanan - the most beautiful Rabbi in the Talmud, and the ritual described by our Sages for manifesting their beauty.


    Together, we’ll make a Yohananya Chalice, a ritual embodying trans fertility, the divine feminine, and so much more, and uncover the brilliance of this ancient text. Click here to register to join us. 


    If you love this session, and are based in the UK, you can join Shel Maala in person this Summer

    Click this link here to find out more and sign up for Shel Maala’s in-person weekend at Sadeh Farm July 26-28.

    More about this session

    This event is open to all regardless of gender or sexuality.

    This class will be taught using texts in Hebrew and English, with all Hebrew text translated for the learner. You do not need to know your Alef Bet for this course. There is no xevruta (pair-learning) for this class.


    Learning will be a mixture of lecture from Shel Maala, and interactive creation of this ritual object, with time for discussion throughout and at the end.

    Details on what materials to bring to make your chalice sent after sign up.


    This class will be recorded and sent to those who signed up for the class. The recording will only show the teachers and any student who verbally participate. If you’d like to remain anonymous, you can see further details on our recording policy here.


    If you have questions not answered here please email Shel Maala or Yelala.

    More about Shel Maala

    Shel Maala is an online queer Yeshiva, founded by Rabbi Xava De Cordova and Binya Kóatz.

    They are proud to serve as a fully-stocked, radically irreverent, unapologetically gay Yeshiva in cyberspace, so that every Jew who can access the internet can access joyful, raucous, soul-enlivening queer Talmud, wherever and whenever they are.


    More about Yelala

    Yelala is a constellation of projects co-founded by Kohenet Yael Tischler and Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid. They lead rituals, and empower others to create their own, inspired by our women/femme/folk Jewish ancestors, as well as the Earth and the Divine Feminine in Jewish tradition. We create learning experiences, song circles and retreats. They welcome Jews and allies of all genders, sexualities and races, and all levels of religious knowledge. They are ordained by the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute, which was created to renew and revive the practices of Jewish women and femme folk from antiquity to the present day.